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Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
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2024, 15(2):1-5. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.001
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Factors associated with anemia among pregnant women in Baijiantan District of Karamay, Xinjiang, 2021 − 2022
DONG Shan Jun, ZHENG Hong Ying, JIANG Wei Wei, LIAO Pei Hua, Fuerhati · WUSHOUER,
2024, 15(2):6-10. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.002
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Surveillance results of birth defects among 831 819 perinatal infants in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, 2013 − 2022
ZHU Chu Ling, LIN Li Qing,
2024, 15(2):11-15. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.003
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Sleep status among 4 894 infants and toddlers in Changde, Hunan Province
CAI Shan Shan, LIU Hui, FANG Fen, LIU Jing, ZHANG Bei Bei, LIU Hui, WEN Xiao Mei, NIE Dan,
2024, 15(2):16-21. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.004
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Health care and health status of 0 – 6 years old children in Karamay, Xinjiang, 2013 – 2022
LIU Yan Ling, ZHENG Hong Ying, JIA Xue Lian, WANG Li Feng, SHI Feng,
2024, 15(2):22-26. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.005
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Effect evaluation of individualized remote nutritional health interventions for overweight/obese women in early pregnancy
SUN Shan Shan, YANG Li Ying, CAO Xiu Shu, ZHANG Bei, GE Nan,
2024, 15(2):27-32. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.006
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Global research hotpots on gestational weight management: visualized analysis based on CiteSpace
WANG Xiao Jiao, LIU Hong Yan, SUN Li Ping, MIN Hui, GU Chun Yi,
2024, 15(2):33-40. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.007
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The mediating effect of psychological resilience on the levels of shame and social alienation among infertile patients
Hailiqiguli· MAIMAITI, WANG Rong, Asiya· ABUDUREYIMU, YAN Ping,
2024, 15(2):41-45. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.008
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The effect of family care and personality traits on postpartum depression and the intermediate effect of social support
WANG Xin Man, AN Song Ge, CHEN Hong,
2024, 15(2):46-51. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.009
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Analysis of the effectiveness of oral sucking training in improving poor sucking behaviors among breastfeeding infants
LIU Pan Ting, QIAN Jun, LI Yue, ZHANG Lei, XIANG Si Jia, LU Ying, CHI Xia,
2024, 15(2):52-57. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.010
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Evaluation of the equity of resource allocation in maternal and child health institutions in China based on three evaluation dimensions
WANG Jun Li, XIE Jing Dong,
2024, 15(2):58-63. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.011
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Index system for evaluating medical security of pregnant women and puerpera in communities under the background of infectious disease epidemic
BI Bing Qing, ZHAO Zhuo, LIU Rui Tong, YAN Mei Lin, LI Shu Gang,
2024, 15(2):64-68. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.012
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International practical experiences and policy recommendations for boosting fertility rates
WANG Xi, QIU Wu Qi, WU Qiong, DI Jiang Li,
2024, 15(2):69-76. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.013
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Research progress of female inter-pregnancy interval and its impact on maternal and infant health
QIAO Yu Ting, DI Jiang Li,
2024, 15(2):77-80. DOI:10.19757/j.cnki.issn1674-7763.2024.02.014
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